Megan Miller

Megan Miller pointing at and wearing a "got opera? Opera Carolina" shirt

Megan Miller is a multifaceted professional excelling as a mother, wife, business owner, author, and opera singer. As the founder and owner of Megan Miller Marketing, LLC, she has garnered recognition as one of Disruptor Magazine’s Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022.

Throughout her career, Megan has earned acclaim in both non-profit and for-profit spheres for her creativity, drive, and leadership. She possesses a remarkable ability to tackle new challenges with enthusiasm, crafting integration strategies that significantly expand a company’s reach.

In 2015, Megan established Opera Recycles, an innovative environmental sustainability program that transforms old print collateral into fashion pieces. Premiering at New York Fashion Week in October 2016, Opera Recycles captivated audiences with its fusion of artistry and eco-consciousness. Since then, Megan has continued to elevate the program’s profile, including a captivating showcase at Paris Fashion Week in February 2018.

With a foundation rooted in fashion marketing, runway production, and event coordination, Megan’s expertise spans diverse industries. In 2021, she launched Megan Miller Marketing, a creative agency curating over 25 memorable events, leaving an indelible mark in the beauty, entertainment, restaurant, fashion, and leadership industries.

With her mantra “Everything is figure out-able”

Megan is channeling her passion for storytelling into an educational children’s book slated for release in June of 2024 via her foundation, The Next Chapter Station: A Cancer Journey Foundation for Families. Her dedication to inspiring young minds underscores her commitment to fostering creativity and imagination.

Despite her thriving career in marketing, Megan remains connected to her roots as a performing artist and professional opera singer. Her talents continue to captivate audiences, serving as a testament to her enduring passion for the arts.

In all aspects of her professional journey, Megan Miller exemplifies versatility, innovation, and unwavering dedication, impacting those she encounters and the industries she touches.