Strategic Service Offerings & Packages

With a focus on creativity and client care, Megan Miller Marketing offers a wide range of services to support your brand. Whether you want to rejuvenate your brand, plan an immersive event, or partner with key stakeholders in your community, we are committed to creating a strategically tailored plan to meet your unique needs.

Curated Marketing Packages

With over 15 years of experience in the creative marketing arena, we offer carefully curated marketing packages built from battle-tested strategies. Each package includes an initial discovery call accompanied by an ideation and development session.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us to design a package tailored to meet your needs from our strategic service offerings.

Strategic Service Offerings

Dedicated to innovation and fierce creativity, we work with brands to design and execute marketing strategies tailored exclusively to their needs. This is why each of our service offerings are designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you are seeking a stand-alone service, customizing one of our packages with add-ons, or combining multiple service offerings a la carte style to build a strategy that is uniquely yours – our team is prepared to offer dedicated support, expert guidance, and results driven solutions every step of the way.

Not sure what you need or where to begin?


Our 30-minute discovery sessions are perfect for clients who are ready to discover what they’re missing. These one-on-one sessions are an opportunity to get to know you, your brand, and your marketing goals – think of it like speed dating for your brand. The best part? Unlike actual speed dating, we guarantee you walk away from your session feeling empowered, informed, and prepared to conquer anything that dares to stand between you and your dreams.


These collaborative sessions are ideal for brands who know what they want, but aren’t sure how to get it. We work with you to first identify and define the problem or opportunity at hand including any strengths, weakness, and overall goals. Once defined, our team engages in a structured brainstorming process designed to generate, evaluate, and refine the most promising ideas. From there we transform ideas into action by helping our clients outline necessary next steps, create timelines, define responsibilities and ultimately develop an overarching strategy to effectively implement each idea.


Now more than ever brands are exploring out-of-the- box marketing strategies to maintain a competitive edge. When properly utilized, affiliate marketing is an ideal way to dynamize your existing strategy by providing a variety of new and unique opportunities to engage with your key demographics. However, when poorly executed, this dream marketing tactic can quickly turn into a nightmare. Similar to how most people wouldn’t embark on a multi-day trek through Machu Picchu without a knowledgeable tour guide at their side, the same is true when it comes to navigating the vast and sometimes treacherous terrain of affiliate marketing – and that’s where we come in. At Megan Miller Marketing we take our guide duties seriously. Our mission is to help brands traverse the great unknown unscathed by offering strategic support in identifying, vetting, and connecting with the right affiliate marketing opportunities for them.


While most everyone and every brand you know now has a social media presence, many continue to underestimate the power of paid social media advertising. At Megan Miller Marketing we work with our clients to develop, organize, and execute results-driven paid social media campaigns that seamlessly integrate with your brand’s existing organic presence.


A calculated approach to your media relations strategy is crucial because, generally speaking, media platforms can reach far more people than your brand has the ability to. Our goal is to help brands fine tune their messaging, develop a press outreach strategy, and ultimately connect them with the right media sources for your target market – including newspapers, TV stations, freelance journalists, bloggers, influencers and beyond. When properly utilized, a strong media relations strategy boosts lead generation, increases brand recognition, and strengthens rapport with both media professionals and your community.


Also known as co-branding, utilizing integrated brand partnerships is an innovative way to diversify your current marketing strategy. Our team will work with you to identify and develop strategic alliance opportunities with key brand partners in your area with the goal of leveraging each brand’s strengths and resources to collectively enhance brand awareness, credibility, and overall value.


The team at Megan Miller Marketing doesn’t just plan events, we specialize in creating highly personalized and unique experiences. Our approach involves careful selection of every element of your event, including but not limited to: venue, food, decor, beverages, entertainment, and activities. We work with our clients from conceptualization and curation to execution and post-event follow up to ensure your event experience reflects not just your brand and it’s values, but is a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression.


First impressions are important. With this in mind, our team creates grand opening events that help lay a strong foundation for future growth by establishing and strengthening your brand’s identity while also building customer and community relationships. From initial planning to execution, we manage every aspect of your event to unsure your first impression isn’t just a lasting one – but a fantastic one.


Ready to level up your next event? It’s time to consider immersive event planning. Immersive events focus on creating highly interactive sensory experiences. This is accomplished by leveraging technology, multimedia content, and creative design elements to immerse attendees into a unique and captivating environment. Our approach involves a step-by-step process dedicated to delivering an unforgettable experience from beginning to end.